Topics.json is a JSON file found in the StreamingAssets folder along with the Students.json file.

Its function is presumably to determine what topic each student is interested in.

The file contains data for the character's name and ID, and whether or not a student likes each topic.

Topic IDs Edit

Topic IDs range from 1 to 25.

Topic ID Topic
1 Cooking
2 Theatre
3 Occult
4 Art
5 Music
6 Martial Arts
7 Photography
8 Science
9 Gardening
10 Sports
11 Solitude
12 School
13 Justice
14 Violence
15 Gossip
16 Video Games
17 Cosplay
18 Anime
19 Memes
20 Cats
21 Reading
22 Friends
23 Family
24 Nature
25 Money

Topics in bold cannot yet be unlocked, yet exist within the game.

Interest Values Edit

Interest values range from 0 to 2.

Value Result
0 A grey, expressionless face appears: the student is ambivalent.
1 A red sad face appears: the student dislikes the topic.
2 A green happy face appears: the student likes the topic.
Invalid The 'unknown value' question mark remains. May break the file.