Note: The following information is awaiting an overhaul, as YandereDev has stated that this code is inefficient. This data is to be trusted up until the May 2018 builds. Edit

Additionally, as of January 3rd, changing Student 33's name will trigger several scenarios which all ultimately lead to crashing the game. It is advised not to work past this with a new DLL,mini game megicol girl predi migliuchi

The JSON and XML files are files located within the StreamingAssets folder that have influence on data for each character. Fun girl will fuck your ass so hard.

The JSON file is what data on students is taken from. It contains data on almost everything on the Student Profile screen, the exceptions being Additional Info (stored in the DLL files) and the portrait used (stored in its respective folder). The JSON file may be edited successfully using Notepad or any online editor to produce 'custom' characters, however incorrect data has the potential to completely break every student, regardless of how much data is edited.

The JSON file must be named 'Students' to work and must have the JSON extension, otherwise all characters will break.



The identification variable of the character.

Characters with will have special events and voiced lines. For example, the NPC with ID 1 is originally Taro Yamada, the designated Senpai of Yandere Simulator; because of this they will have a pink aura, react to the player's behaviour uniquely and speak with a male voice.

If a character's ID is changed, they will simply gain variables associated with the ID, such as destination definitions. As long as no two characters share the same ID, and the ID is valid, the game will run smoothly.

Character EditingEdit


Affects the character's model and accesses to certain animations.

ID Description
0 The character will use a female model and animation set.
1 The character will use a male model and animation set.

Note: Female models are capable of more animations (e.g. eating bento and reacting to cameras). Entering a female animation for a character with a male model will cause the student to break.


Affects ScheduleDestination.

ID Description
Invalid Causes the character to not load at the start of the day.
11 Class 1-1
12 Class 1-2
21 Class 2-1
22 Class 2-2
31 Class 3-1
32 Class 3-2


Main article: Seat (JSON data)

Determines which seat a character will sit in when they go to class.

Front of Classroom
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15


Can be displayed on the Student Info. Affects the character's accessories and model.

ID Description
Invalid No Club
0 No Club
1 Cooking
2 Drama
3 Occult; the NPC will have a gloomy expression and a choker.
4 Art
5 Light Music
6 Martial Arts; the NPC will have a Martial Arts Bandana.
7 Photography
8 Science
9 Sports
10 Gardening
11 Gaming
100 Completely functional for Gender 0. Teachers; the NPC will be taller and wear the default teacher uniform. They will act as a teacher and use the teacher hairstyles.
101 Completely functional for Gender 0. Gym Teacher; the NPC will have tan skin, blue eyes, a smile and don a red sweat uniform. They will act as a teacher and use the teacher hairstyles.
>101  NPCs will be taller and act as a teacher; however they will not use the teacher hairstyles.

Note: While NPCs with Gender 1 and Club 100+ cannot be interacted with, they do not function as a teacher. All NPCs with Club >101 will react to murder as their Persona.


See also: Personalities

A students' personality can be displayed on the Student Info and affects behavior. It is also affected by the Club.

ID Description
1 Evil
2 Evil
3 Evil
4 Evil
5 Evil
6 Evil
7 Evil
9 (Club 100) Evil
9 (Club 101) Evil


Can be displayed on the Student Info. Setting a number that corresponds with an ID number will set that character as the crush, with the name appearing on the Student Info.

ID Description
Invalid Causes the Student Info screen to go blank.
0 None
1–98 The name corresponding to the ID number.
99 ?????

Note: An NPC's crush cannot be set to themselves. Additionally, NPCs with a Club ID of 100 or higher cannot be set as a crush.


Only affects the models of Gender 0. Although any value can be used, 0 and 2 are respectively the minimum and maximum used ingame, as any value outside of the range will make the models look awkward.


Affects the Strength level listed in the character's profile. Only affects students in club 6 or 13.

ID Description
Invalid The character, along with Character 41, will glitch and become uninteractable.
0 Incapable of self defense
1 Fights back - Very Weak
2 Fights back - Weak
3 Fights Back-Strong
4 Fights Back-Very Strong
5 Weakest Boy In School
6 Extensive self-defense training
7 Carries Pepper Spray

Note: Non-teachers are able to possess a Strength of 6, but will be impossible to defeat in the fighting minigame. Teachers, however, are are unaffected by strength.


Affects the character's model. Affected by Gender and Color.

ID Gender 1 Club 100/101 Character example
Invalid gender 2
1 Basic short hair. Shoulder-length hair tied partially into a bun.
2 Messy hair brushed to the right. Short brown hair in a spiked bun.
Yui Rio
3 Short, less three-dimensional hair. long
Yuna Hina
4 Somewhat spiked hair, fringe brushed back. Long side bangs, hair in a spiked bun.
5 Short, spiked blue hair swept to the left. Shoulder-length hair parted to the left.
6 Short, mostly flat hair, with a long fringe. Short hair tied into a right-side three-part spiral bun.
7 Hair spiked slightly to the left, fringe brushed to the right. Medium-length hair with a partially messy fringe.
8 Long hair spiked completely upward, with thunderbolt-like sideburns.
9 Hairstyle 2, flipped vertically.
10 Short brown hair spiked forward.
11 Fairly flat hair, with a medium-length fringe.
12 Messy, curled hair. Darkened overlay.

Long fringe that covers the left eye. Darkened overlay.

Mai Waifu
14 Neat, thick hair, swept to the left, covering the forehead. Darkened overlay.
15 Hair parted in the middle, with a ponytail over the left shoulder. Ahoge to the right.
16 Same as above, but the ponytail is at the back. Ahoge to the left.
Oka Ruto
17 Very short hair brushed backward, with two less neat parts either side.
18 Incredibly messy, long, gravity-defying hair.
19 Short hair with a large fringe brushed to the right. The fringe is light, rest of the hair darker.
20 Osana Najimi

Crush Senpai

21 Short hair styled into an upward spiked shape.
22 Very short, slicked-back hair. With reserved hair colour, eyes turn blue.
23 Medium hair, long at the back, with a gravity-defying upward fringe. With reserved hair colour, pupils become slit-shaped.
24 Long hair, tied at the back with feathers. With reserved hair colour, eyes turn purple.
25 Shoulder-length, wavy hair, with a rightward fringe. With reserved hair colour, eyes turn grey-blue.
26 short hair, fringe to the left, with a small ahoge.

*When colour is set to White or a placeholder value, such as Osana or Pippi.

Note: Some hairstyles are created in a monochrome color scheme, so that colors can be applied directly on top. Other hairstyles, however, have a default color scheme, although they can still change colors.


Affects the character's model, particularly the hair and eye colors. Colors are applied as overlay/multiple to hairstyles some of which having existing colors.

ID Description
Invalid White/grey hair, blue eyes, and the default skin. Male characters will have shading on their face. Outlines cannot be removed.
White White hair and white eyes.
Black with white eyes
Red Red hair and red eyes.
Yellow Yellow hair and yellow eyes.
Green Green hair and green eyes.
Blue Blue hair and blue eyes.
Cyan Cyan hair and cyan eyes.
Purple Purple hair and purple eyes.
Pippi* Reserved for Hairstyle 8 (female).
Succubus1* Reserved for Hairstyle 10 (female).
Succubus2* Reserved for Hairstyle 11 (female).
Kuudere* Reserved for Hairstyle 12 (female).
Waifu* Reserved for Hairstyle 13 (female).
Brown Brown hair and brown eyes.
Orange Orange hair and orange eyes. Appears brown for some hairstyles.
Occult1* Reserved for Hairstyle 16 (female).
Occult2* Reserved for Hairstyle 12 (male).
Occult3* Reserved for Hairstyle 17 (female).
Occult4* Reserved for Hairstyle 13 (male).
Occult5* Reserved for Hairstyle 18 (female).
Occult6* Reserved for Hairstyle 14 (male).
Ganguro* Reserved for Hairstyle 19 (female).
Blonde* Reserved for Hairstyle 100.

Note: Colours marked with a * are used for specific hairstyles which do not require an overlay. If applied to a monochrome-base hairstyle, the colour will default to silver-grey with blue eyes. These colours do not actually apply an effect to hair or eye colour, instead acting as a placeholder




ID Description
Invalid The NPC does not wear any special stockings.
None The NPC does not wear any special stockings.
Loose Loose white leg warmers.
Osana Orange stockings with white polka dots.
Red Red stockings and panties.
Yellow Yellow stockings and panties.
Blue Blue stockings and panties.
Green Green stockings and panties.
Cyan Cyan stockings and panties.
Purple Purple stockings and panties.


Affects the character's model. Affected by Gender and Club.

ID Gender 0 Gender 1 Club 100/101
Invalid Removes hair texture and interferes with accessories.
1 Medical patch over the right eye. A plain red bandanna. Small, square-framed glasses.
2 Bandaged right eye. Glasses with an opaque right lens. Large, circle-framed glasses.
3 A gold and pink ring on the left hand. A small hexagonal earring on the right ear. Glasses with a round frame.
4 A purple scrunchy on the left side of the head, long with golden hooped earrings. Round glasses curved upward at the edges.
5 A purple choker with a silver spider on the front. Small square glasses similar to ID 1, but with no rims at the top.
6 Friendship bracelet. Colour matches student's hair.* Small round-framed glasses similar to ID 2, but rimless at the top.
7 A small silver whistle around the neck.

*Must be Red, Orange, Brown, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple or Black (grey), otherwise the bracelet will appear as white.


Affects the time at which the character moves to another destination or performs an action.


ID Description
Spawn Class 2-1
Patrol Student will walk around the school's halls.
Locker In front of the character ID's locker.
Hangout (ID 1-13) At the Rooftop
Hangout (ID 14-15) Inside the computer lab.
Hangout (ID 16-20, 26) At the rooftop.
Seat At student's designated seat.
LunchSpot (ID 1) On the Rooftop.
LunchSpot (ID 2-13) At the Rooftop
LunchSpot (ID 17-18) At the Rooftop.
Exit Outside of Akademi High School.
info chans room
Club (ID 26-31) Inside the Occult Clubroom.
Podium (Class 11) Behind the podium in Classroom 1-1.
Podium (Class 12) Behind the podium in Classroom 1-2.
Podium (Class 21) Behind the podium in Classroom 2-2.
Podium (Class 22) Behind the podium in Classroom 2-2.
Podium (Class 31) Behind the podium in Classroom 3-1.
Podium (Class 32) Behind the podium in Classroom 3-2.

Notes: Some NPCs do not have a specific destination coded for them, so they will be unable to go there.

Editing this is extremely difficult as there is a high likelihood of the game breaking.


Affects behaviour. Affected by Club.

ID Description
Invalid The NPC walks in place.
Stand The NPC stands in place; in low school atmosphere they will quiver instead.
Sit The NPC sits in place.
Socialize The NPC stands in place and socializes with animate gestures; in low school atmosphere they will quiver instead.
SocialSit The NPC sits in place and socializes with animate gestures; in low school atmosphere they will quiver instead.
Game The NPC sits in place and moves their hands as if playing a game.
Eat Reserved for Gender 0. The NPC sits in place and eats lunch.
Club Student will head to their club room and perform their designated action.
Stalk Reserved for Gender 0. The NPC watches from around the corner.
Text Reserved for Gender 0. The NPC stands in place, playing with their phone.
Patrol Student will pause and think. If ScheduleDestination is also Patrol, student will pause at intervals when moving.
Podium Will stand at designated podium for character ID.
Grade Will appear to grade work.

Also there is a extra animation called "Wait" only for female characters.